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These Senators Want to Shut Down the Government Rather than Let It Mandate Vaccines

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Just in time for Omicron to land on these shores, Senate conservatives want to shut down the government over the president’s efforts to get more people vaccinated to prevent a shutdown of the entire country.

With the first case confirmed in California Wednesday in a traveler returning from South Africa and Moderna and Regeneron officials warning their products may be less effective against the new variant, they want to gin up a voluntary crisis that would keep federal scientists out of their labs to exacerbate the involuntary one we can’t control?

Yep. That’s your Senate on steroids, always itching for a fight to engage their base at the price of confirming their recklessness. The Congress has to approve a continuing resolution by midnight Friday to keep the government open until they someday do the normal thing and pass an annual budget. But Sen. Roger Marshall has promised to “use all means at our disposal” to gum up the works for the president’s vaccine mandate. Sen. Mike Lee has joined him, saying that as much as he would “like to simplify the process for resolving the CR,” sadly he can’t unless “it also delays the enforcement of the mandates for at least the length of the continuing resolution.”

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