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These Hack Justices Are Gunning for Roe, and Lying About It

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Conservative justices are extremely mad about people calling them out for being partisan hacks.

They’re speaking out after the Supreme Court allowed Texas to functionally overturn Roe v. Wade for now, in a harbinger of things to come.

All expectations are that the super-conservative new SCOTUS will either completely overturn Roe or gut it after they hear Dobbs v. Jackson, a case custom built for their arguments for taking away women’s right to an abortion, in December. The fix is in, people are saying so, and the hacks aren’t happy about it. How dare we mortals criticize them? So they’ve taken to given speeches whining about how people see the court as partisan, since they’re acting as partisans. It turns out having a lifetime appointment does not preclude you from having extremely thin skin.

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