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There’s a Corrupt Presidential Offspring in This Race All Right. Her Name Isn’t Hunter Biden.

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The closing arguments of the 2020 campaign can be summed up as: Donald Trump wants to talk about Joe Biden’s family, while Joe Biden wants to talk about your family, and how to help it get through these times.

And when I say Trump wants to talk Joe Biden’s family, I of course mean Biden’s son Hunter and the new (sketchy at best) allegations arising from a mysterious laptop that recently surfaced courtesy of Trump’s BFF Rudy Giuliani. Despite no independent verification of the contents of this laptop, there was Trump at his rally Sunday leading his audience in a chant of “Lock him up” about Joe Biden.

But where is the discussion and investigation into the various conflicts of interest and possible illegality that involves Donald Trump’s daughter, Ivanka, who appears to have greatly profited from being a part of this White House? And these aren’t new allegations raised to be a political counterbalance to the recent ones against Hunter.

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