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The Woman Who May Send Joni Ernst Back to Castrating Pigs

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Theresa Greenfield is a 56-year-old Des Moines real estate development executive who’s still small-town, girl-next-door-friendly. She’s also running for the United States Senate. Her style is so earnest, affable, and humble that talking to her the first question that comes to mind is: What’s a nice girl like you doing in a racket like this?

Part of the answer lies with Iowa Sen. Joni Ernst. The last time many saw her, back when she first ran in 2014, she was a pig castrator on a Harley vowing to snip the private parts of the porcine influence peddlers and their senatorial prey.  

The squeal of pain she promised never happened. For a minor leadership position, Ernst got comfortable with the hogs at the trough. Butchering swine, which she took some symbolic swipes at, is not the same as defanging lobbyists. And the fiscal integrity of Washington is far worse than when she arrived. When Donald Trump moved to the White House in 2017, any remaining ideas about changing Washington vanished. She votes with the president well over 90 percent of the time.  

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