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The White House Keeps Refusing to Say When Trump Last Tested Negative for COVID-19


There has been one gnawing question that the White House has refused to answer ever since President Donald Trump publicly announced he tested positive for coronavirus last Friday, was hospitalized for three days due to his worsening condition, and returned home this week despite his doctors acknowledging he is “not entirely out of the woods yet”: When was the last time the president tested negative for COVID-19?

That question, of course, would inform the public on whether the president was potentially already infected when he participated in last Tuesday’s presidential debate and if he caught the virus during what appears to be a “super-spreader” event days before that at the White House Rose Garden.

That same question, of course, could also reveal how often the president had been tested for the virus, considering the White House had previously excused his lack of mask-wearing and social distancing by claiming he was tested on a daily basis. It also would provide answers as to whether the president knew he was sick when he traveled to fundraisers on both Wednesday and Thursday after the debate.

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