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The Way for Biden to Win Is by Running Over the Reactionaries

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In a matter of months, Joe Biden has reminded Americans that their government can work, and be a force for solving, rather than exacerbating, the nation’s gravest problems. That has set off alarm bells in the Republican Party, which has devoted decades to sowing division, and seeking to discredit, and destroy, the nation’s government from within, culminating in Trump’s frontal attack on democracy itself.

As Biden confronts continued efforts by GOP “leaders” to make government fail, the strategies of two other presidents who led the nation at times of crisis, FDR and LBJ, offer lessons JRB should use for how a president can make reactionaries fail.

Those presidents learned that it is essential to use the full power of the executive branch to vindicate the rights of Americans, in the face of efforts by reactionaries to undermine them. Biden is well aware of the strategies his predecessors employed to protect citizens’ fundamental rights, and is ready and willing to employ them himself. That’s reflected in the announcement that Biden’s administration will back up state education officials who are standing against GOP governors’ wildly irresponsible efforts to place vulnerable children and other citizens at risk during the pandemic.

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