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The Trump Kids Are the Biggest Losers in His Election Fiasco


It’s been three weeks since Donald Trump lost the 2020 election. The 2016 election made Donnie Junior, Ivanka, and even simple Eric Republican Party superstars, just because of who their father was. But today, they’re learning nepotism’s hardest lesson in real time, which is that your fortunes are irreparably linked to the success of said father.

So when Trump lost his reelection, the biggest losers were actually his three large adult children. Trump may still be a God-like figure in the Republican Party but just how long that lasts after January 20 is anyone’s guess. For the Trump children’s fortunes, cracks are already starting to show.

Ivanka has been masterful at shaping the narrative. Despite her complete and utter uselessness and inability to control her insane and evil father, she has still been lauded continuously as a “moderating force” despite no evidence supporting this assessment whatsoever.

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