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The Trump Doctrine Is Sicker and More Terrifying Than Ever

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You’ve heard of the Truman Doctrine. The Reagan Doctrine. The Bush Doctrine. The Powell Doctrine. The Obama Doctrine. Maybe you liked them, maybe you didn’t. But they existed, and you could roughly define what they were.

But what in the world is the Trump Doctrine? It’s whatever oozes out of his brain at any given moment, and this week may already constitute the most gob-smacking series of oozes in his presidency. I know that’s a big claim, but seriously. We all should, even though it’s shocking and potentially dangerous to the world, savor this moment in a way. It’s not often we get to see any public person, let alone the president of the United States, melt down like this in front of our eyes.

First: Russia back in the G8? Hey, why not! It was Barack Obama’s fault in the first place! Yes, maybe the Russians shot down a commercial airliner, killing 300 people. And maybe they invaded a sovereign country—where they’re still at war, by the way, which they always denied perpetrating. And maybe the entire rest of the G8 agreed that Russia had to go. 

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