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The Three Strains of the GOP: Crazies, Quiets, and Hostages. And Yeah, They All Suck.

Illustration by Elizabeth Brockway/The Daily Beast

The president of the United States lost his re-election bid on Nov. 3. But you wouldn’t know it if you talked to most members of the Republican Party. While the president occupies his time retweeting an account called Cat turd and the craziest paranoid ratings of the “dumbest man on the internet,” Gateway Pundit’s Jim Hoft, the party that has been largely held hostage by Trump for the last four years continues to be… held hostage by Trump. While still in captivity, the Republicans have splintered into three main categories: the crazies, the quiets, and the hostages.

The first group, the crazies, is the one that has flourished under Trump and Trumpism. They’re the people who would start firing squads if necessary. They are the Trump cheerleaders, the worst and ugliest of the Trumpian sycophants, the Matt Gaetzes, the Louie Gohmerts, the Lou Dobbses, the Maria Bartiromos. These people are happy to ride the elevator down to the basement with Trump.

Recently, Dobbs delivered a monologue on his Fox Business sycophancy hour that might make one of Kim Jong Un’s newscasters blush: “If I may, Mr. President, the problem here is that you’re not just fighting fraud any more than you were just fighting the Russia hoax. That was an effort, not a hoax, to overthrow your presidency. Not a hoax. An outright effort to overthrow the presidency of the United States that went on from the time you won the office to the time right now. The irregularities in this year’s election are not just fraud, electoral or voter, they are another attempt to overthrow the President of the United States.”

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