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‘The Squad’ Didn’t Need a Riot to Know MAGA Fanatics Are Lethal

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For years, Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) and other progressive congresswomen of color have endured the full brunt of Donald Trump’s xenophobic solicitations.

The president—who instructed Democrats in the Squad to “go back” to “broken and crime infested” foreign countries—has enjoyed the steady support of Republicans who have labeled the Muslim representative a “threat” who wants to “shred” the Constitution; questioned her loyalty to the United States; and even implied she should be killed.

In the aftermath of Wednesday’s domestic terrorist attack, aides and allies say that is why she instinctively knew, even as rioters were still inside the Capitol, that accountability measures needed to be delivered swiftly as the situation became increasingly dire. For Omar, that took the form of a new impeachment plan.

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