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The Shock Jock Texts That Could Be Critical in the Matt Gaetz Probe

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Text messages between Rep. Matt Gaetz’s wingman and a former Florida shock jock reveal how people with key information about an alleged underage sex ring were scrambling as the feds closed in—and they bolster the evidence in a growing scandal that could take down the congressman.

Gaetz associate Joel Greenberg was already under investigation when he had a private exchange with his one-time sports radio co-host, “Big Joe” Ellicott. In that exchange, conducted over the encrypted messaging app Signal and obtained by The Daily Beast, Ellicott expressed fear that others in their group of friends faced legal jeopardy for having sex with a 17-year-old girl.

Ellicott wrote that a mutual friend, a woman who figures prominently in Greenberg‘s Venmo transactions, “knew [the minor] was underage the whole time, had sex with her, and they both went [to] see other guys.”

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