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The Same Hate That Targeted Muslims Is Turning on Asian Americans Now

Ron Adar / SOPA Images / AP

Earlier this week, House Minority leader Kevin McCarthy used the House floor to falsely blame Democrats for trying to cancel and “outlaw” Dr. Seuss, a dead author whose best-selling children’s books are still available to read. The decision to stop publishing six of his old, racist books was in fact made by the publisher and his estate, which admitted the books “portray people”—including Asians—”in ways that are hurtful and wrong.”

Still, the rage of frenzied masses who are still mourning the loss of Potato Head’s pronouns but are fine cancelling democratic elections had to be satiated with another straw man to shoot.

Unfortunately, some of them are aiming at Asian American communities across the country, who are bracing a stunning spike in violent attacks. I didn’t hear McCarthy rage about more than 3,000 incidents that have been reported to Stop AAPI Hate, a California-based reporting center for Asian American Pacfic Islanders, or the 150% increase over the previous year in anti-Asian American hate crimes in 16 of the country’s most populous cities in 2020.

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