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The Problem Isn’t a ’Witch Hunt,’ Matt Gaetz. It’s You.

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Matt Gaetz, the Florida congressman with a talent for television and not much else, is trying to dig himself out of the deep ditch he’s in, full of stories about underage girls and sex trafficking and a federal investigation. Unfortunately for him, every time he speaks up in his own defense, he digs himself in deeper, while removing any remaining suspicion that he’s remotely intelligent.

In a Washington Examiner column Monday, Gaetz describes himself as “a congressman who loathes the swamp”—which is maybe not ideal for a Florida congressman—that he says is “out to drown me with false charges.”

But instead of proving that Matt Gaetz is being unfairly maligned and targeted, Matt Gaetz—who’s emphatically denied reports that he’s slept with underage women and paid them for sex—offered a glimpse into why Matt Gaetz so richly deserves to be the mess he is in.

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