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The Pathetic New Chapter of the Baby Trumps

Photo Illustration by The Daily Beast / Photo Paul Morigi/Getty

The family that held the entire Republican Party in their death grips for the last four years is now doing what all formerly famous people do, signing autographs and being sort of pathetic.

Their father may not have power anymore, but the kids have even less. Remember when Donnie Junior could control a news cycle with a tweet? Remember when Ivanka Trump could command a sea of news stories with a “sources close to” leak about how she was “working hard behind the scenes”? Remember when Mitch McConnell had to take calls from the former president’s completely unqualified son in law? Remember when the president’s dimwitted spawns held court at daddy’s hotel and cast shadows that extended across MAGA Washington?

Well, that time is over. The baby Trumps and their lousy spouses are drifting off into the weird political afterlife of people who used to matter.

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