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The Only Villain Bigger Than Socialism at CPAC Is Mitt Romney

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Republicans gathered at the Conservative Political Action Conference on Thursday to cheer on their conservative heroes. But they also had an opportunity to shame GOP politicians they deemed not pro-Trump enough, casting ballots for the “phoniest ‘conservative’ lawmaker.” 

Next to a stuffed donkey with a fake elephant’s snout, attendees voted for the likes of former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, Sen. Lisa Murkowski (R-AK), and former Ohio Gov. John Kasich, who led the ballot count as of Thursday afternoon. One prominent GOP Trump critic wasn’t an option, though—because everybody already knew he’d win in a landslide. 

“Of course you can’t have Romney out here,” said the CPAC organizer running the vote, who declined to give his name on the grounds he’d be fired. “He’d get all the votes.” 

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