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The One Crisis Where Biden Is Getting High Marks

Reuters/Jonathan Ernst

President Joe Biden was elected on the promise of bringing competent leadership to the fight against the coronavirus pandemic. But the new administration inherited more mismanaged public health emergencies than just COVID-19—from opioids and mental health to gun violence and vaccine disinformation.

As the HIV/AIDS epidemic enters its fifth decade this year, however, it is Biden’s handling of that crisis that has earned him greatest credit among public health advocates and researchers who often felt isolated and ignored under the previous administration.

“I’m encouraged,” said Jeffrey S. Crowley, who served as director of the White House Office of National AIDS Policy under President Barack Obama. “President Biden is dealing with the COVID pandemic, so much politicization, and a huge agenda for the American people, but he still has time to care about HIV. And the fact that he’s made a major commitment is encouraging.”

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