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The One Big Question About Trump’s DoJ Spying on Dems


With the news that Donald Trump’s Justice Department targeted communications and other records of Democratic members of Congress, as well as their aides and even family members, forcing Apple to hand over metadata on no less than two Democratic members of the House Intelligence Committee and gagging the tech giant from disclosing that, Rep. Adam Schiff called for an investigation into what he called a “terrible abuse of power.”

The investigation really needs to answer only one question: Were Republicans targeted as well? That’s it. It’s the only question that really matters.

If Republicans were also targeted, then this could still have been a purely political investigation, depending on other facts. But if Republicans were not targeted, then that should be the end of the inquiry, at least as far as the public is concerned. If Trump’s DOJ targeted only Democratic lawmakers, that’s a politically motivated investigation—even if there is some arguable criminal activity afoot.

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