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The Motley Crew Dying to Send Georgia Back to ‘Stop the Steal’ Hell

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If Georgia officials thought they might finally be able to breathe a sigh of relief over half a year after the 2020 election, they have another think coming.

Fringe conservative activists are trying to take Arizona’s absurd and aimless election audit circus nationwide as part of a flailing effort to keep conspiracies about the re-election bid Donald Trump lost alive. Now, two long-shot Republican primary challengers against incumbent GOP Gov. Brian Kemp are demanding a new audit in Georgia—a state that has had more than its fair share of Stop the Steal shenanigans—with vocal support from one of the original organizers of the doomed cause.

Arizona’s ongoing clown show of an audit, which is re-examining votes in Maricopa County—carried by President Joe Biden on his way to a narrow statewide victory last fall—is hardly a model recount. Plagued by errors and run by a Florida cybersecurity company whose CEO promoted election-fraud conspiracy theories, the process has become a headache even for some Arizona Republicans, who released a letter this week panning it as an anti-democratic grift.

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