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The GOP’s New Rule: White People Can Shoot, But Black People Can’t Vote

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There have been seven gun massacres in seven days, but congressional Republicans are staying the course of claiming that passing any kind of gun-control legislation “would do nothing to stop these murders.” It’s a message that they’ve paired, for good measure, with the road-tested racist tactic of stirring up white delusions of Black criminality among their base. The message is, essentially, guns don’t kill people, Black people do — so be sure to lock and load.

Senator Tom Cotton argued that Black people calling police “bigoted and prejudiced” and “demanding that they be defunded” is what causes mass shootings to happen, because despite being in Congress for nearly a decade, he apparently didn’t hear about all the mass shootings in this country long before the defund movement gained traction last summer.

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene chooses violence almost every day by tweeting equivalencies between BLM and terrorism, while Ron Johnson basically claimed guns don’t even count as lethal weapons as long as white people are carrying them (“This didn’t seem like an armed insurrection to me,” Johnson said about the Capitol insurrection, though he admitted he would’ve been scared if the rioters had been “Black Lives Matter and antifa protesters.”).

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