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The GOP’s Hurting the Kids to Own the Libs in Tennessee

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Nihilistic Tennessee Republicans, committed to advancing the most restrictive anti-abortion laws including a bill that forces the burial or cremation of surgically aborted fetuses, have stopped the state’s vaccination outreach to minors.

As the Delta variant spreads across America, with all 50 states reporting an increase in COVID-19 cases, the Tennessee Department of Health succumbed to immense pressure from Republican state lawmakers to help infect as many young people as possible. Tennessee announced it was halting all of its adolescent vaccine outreach even as the rate of coronavirus infections in the state has tripled in the past three weeks. Not just COVID-19 vaccines, mind you, but for polio, hepatitis, rubella and all vaccines.

This news was celebrated by measles, which is currently trying hard to make a successful comeback due to an increase in worldwide vaccine hesitancy, a top 10 global health threat, according to WHO.

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