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The GOP Was Hard to Embarrass. Then Came Madison Cawthorn.

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This week was a revelation—we finally discovered that Republican leaders actually have limits to their shamelessness.

Even after spending the past six years consistently enabling a racist vulgarian who bragged about grabbing women by the pussy, paid off a porn star to cover up an extramarital affair, and incited a violent insurrection to overturn our elections—it took a bizarre comment by freshman Rep. Madison Cawthorn to force GOP leadership into showing us their embarrassed face.

Cawthorn got a little too comfortable on a podcast last week, waxing poetic about Republican orgies—a.k.a “sexual get-together[s]”—featuring “key bumps of cocaine” at an older colleague’s home. What should have been a salacious story of D.C. sexual politics (and a middle-aged lament on my part as to why I haven’t been invited to such amazing events) has instead become a full-blown GOP family drama.

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