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The Debates Are Around the Corner—Desperate Donald’s Last Chance to Lie His Way to Re-Election

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With the conventions out of the way, it’s not too early now to start thinking about the debates—the last item on the election calendar that might alter its current path. If the candidates heed expert advice—and at least one will—there will be no large gatherings. But the largest is always a virtual one: the debates are watched by more people than any show save the Super Bowl. In 2016 Trump-Clinton attracted 84 million viewers. The first of three is less than a month away. 

Donald Trump’s way of preparing is to play the refs. He called the Commission on Presidential Debates “biased,” even as he demanded more and earlier debates. He wants a test, not for the coronavirus, which might make some sense, but for unspecified drugs, which makes none. 

Trump also sent a list of 24 suggested moderators, many from the Fox & Friends category, like the admiring Maria Bartiromo. At least Trump isn’t demanding the debates be held in the Rose Garden. Given the president’s knack for turning any gathering into a circus, Speaker Nancy Pelosi told the former vice president last week he should just call the whole thing off. 

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