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The CIA’s Slipshod Path to Torturing Its ‘Forever Prisoner’

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It’s a jam-packed new episode of The New Abnormal, starting with Molly and Joyce talking about Texas’ dystopian new abortion law, and what that suggests about where the Supreme Court is going with the Mississippi case poised to kill Roe.

“It’s really concerning that they’ve let that situation linger,” explains Vance. “In the Texas case—and this is how these abortion cases present—a state passes a law that’s clearly in violation of Roe vs Wade and abortion providers or proponents go to court and they seek to enjoin the law from going into effect while they litigate its constitutionality. And because the laws are clearly unconstitutional, they get enjoined. So it’s not a final decision on their merits, but the law doesn’t get to stay in effect while that litigation, which can take years, is ongoing. It is deeply concerning that the court has permitted that reprehensible Texas statute to stay in effect and I think that’s why we’re all reading the tea leaves in such a negative way. If the court had good intentions here, that Texas law would be enjoined right now.”

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