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The Capitol Riot Pissed Off These People So Much They’re Running for Office

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Like so many around the country, Heather Mizeur felt a painful sweep of emotions on January 6 as she watched the U.S. Capitol come under attack—shock, rage, hurt, grief.

A former Democratic state legislator in Maryland, Mizeur has a special affinity for the Capitol: she and her wife met there during their years as Hill staffers. They named their Eastern Shore farm after the famous fresco that adorns the Capitol’s dome: The Apotheosis of Washington.

Underneath that fresco on Jan. 6, members of a violent mob roamed, looking for lawmakers to capture or execute as they attempted to keep President Trump in power through brute force. “The Capitol is like a second home to us,” Mizeur told The Daily Beast. “Jan. 6 happened and it felt like an invasion of our house.”

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