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The Buck Stops With No One After Biden’s Afghanistan Debacle


“Secretary of Defense James Mattis submitted his resignation…It was an honorable thing to do. But it wasn’t much of a choice. He did exactly what military tradition demands when one can’t ethically or morally support the boss anymore.”

Those words were written in 2018 by John Kirby, the current Pentagon press secretary who, last Friday, claimed that Afghanistan’s capital city “Kabul is not, right now, in an imminent-threat environment.” Kirby’s assessment lasted about 48 hours. One wonders what “military tradition” demands of him.

When things go to hell, as they have in Afghanistan, accountability and honor dictate that someone should get the axe or fall on their sword—or resign in protest. That’s what happened when Mattis resigned over Trump’s Syria withdrawal, which turned out to be much less of a calamity than Biden’s. Yet somehow this administration is continuing to insist that this is fine, despite how ridiculously removed that assessment is from the commander in chief’s own predictions for what would happen and the horrific footage that we are all seeing.

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