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The Billionaire Behind Bannon’s Fake Chinese Embassy

Photo Illustration by The Daily Beast/Photo by Diego Levy/Bloomberg/Getty

Sheathed in bulletproof glass imported from Germany and Spain, a six-story, six-bedroom postmodern fortress on East 64th Street was custom-designed in 2015 for Argentine billionaire Eduardo Eurnekian. But for at least a year it has served as a supposed consulate for the “New Federal State of China,” declared by ex-White House strategist Stephen Bannon and his flamboyant Chinese patron, fugitive businessman Guo Wengui.

Earpiece-wearing guards stalk an otherwise historic block, while a star-spangled national flag designed by Guo himself dangles from a pole mounted to the swerving facade. In the doorway alcove, just past the unwavering eye of a security camera, metal letters spell out “The Himalaya Embassy.”

The installation has bewildered neighbors who spoke with The Daily Beast with the flashy characters and occasional motorcades it attracts. Meanwhile, public records, court documents, and in-person observations reveal that Bannon and Guo have converted the building’s residential floors, against code and zoning, into the offices for their network of right-wing media and nonprofits—which have recently gained attention for publishing bogus COVID-19 studies and promoting conspiracy theories about Hunter Biden.

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