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Texas Is Being Invaded—by Republican Governors

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Nativists have long warned that the border states are undergoing an invasion. They’re not lying.

But, it turns out, the invaders aren’t Mexican immigrants eager to do the dirty and dangerous jobs that Americans won’t go near at any price. Like the rest of the country, which is grappling with severe worker shortages as we come out of the COVID-19 lockdown, the biggest problem Americans have with immigrants at the moment is that we can’t get enough.

The real menace swarming Texas and Arizona right now is a wave of slimy and opportunistic Republican governors from around the country racing to jump on the anti-immigrant bandwagon. And in the process, they’re tripping over their party’s glaring contradictions, rank hypocrisy, and mixed messages about whether states should have a hand in shaping U.S. immigration policy.

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