Texas Dems flee state to stop elections bill

Democratic state legislators in Texas are planning on fleeing the state in order to deny Republicans in Austin the opportunity to pass new election laws, two sources familiar with the plans told POLITICO.

Republicans are rushing to pass new election laws in a special session called by GOP Gov. Greg Abbott, after attempts to pass a bill crumbled during the previous session earlier this year. Their first attempt was undermined by GOP infighting and a last-minute walkout from state House Democrats.

Republicans have been moving quickly during the special session to try again, with legislators in both chambers introducing legislation almost immediately. Committees in both the state House and the state Senate voted over the weekend to advance bills, meaning they could get a vote on the floor of their respective chambers sometime this week, if there was a quorum.

One source familiar with the plans said that some of the legislators will be heading to Washington to meet with members of Congress.

Last week, several Texas Democrats raised the specter of staging another walkout to try to kill the legislation. But because the state legislative session runs for 30 days, they will have to be outside Texas for weeks.

VoteBeat, a publication focused on voting and election administration, first reported the walkout plans.


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