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Ted Cruz DID Fly Out to Cancun as Texas Freezes


Speculation raged on social media overnight that Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) flew out on vacay to Cancun while his home state of Texas froze and residents scrambled to survive—but his office stayed completely silent on the rumors. However, Fox News and the Associated Press have confirmed Cruz’s completely tone-deaf trip, based on unidentified sources.

The senator’s fellow travelers seemed to out his visit on Wednesday evening by posting several snaps of him inside an airport and then, later, on a plane. An unnamed Republican appeared to put an end to the speculation Thursday morning, telling Fox News that the allegations are true and commenting: “The photos speak for themselves.”

Cruz reported flight came during an ongoing catastrophe in his home state—freezing weather has caused days of mass power failures, which, in turn, has caused widespread food shortages and water outages. At least 1o people have died and millions have been left cold and in the dark. In his final tweet shortly before the incriminating photos of him surfaced, Cruz wrote: “A blizzard strikes Texas & our state shuts down. Not good.”

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