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Team Biden’s Been Prepping for Impeachment Smears for Months

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As former Vice President Joe Biden prepares for his and his family’s reputation to be dragged across the floor of the Senate, the chamber where he spent the bulk of his career, his campaign has made only minor tweaks to the plan to defend him. 

While the stage is bigger given the smears from the White House will be part of only the third impeachment trial in U.S. history, most of the campaign’s disinformation infrastructure and messaging is already in place, with a few exceptions.

On Tuesday, Biden’s campaign is rolling out a new digital video, first obtained by The Daily Beast, seeking to synthesize factual information into a conversational clip, titled, “What Really Happened in Ukraine.” For months, Team Trump and Hill Republicans have sought to cast Biden’s son, Hunter Biden, as an unscrupulous individual engaging in nefarious activity in Ukraine. 

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