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Team Bernie: The Press Has a ‘Personal Bias’ Against Him and Find His Supporters ‘Annoying’

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Bernie Sanders’ campaign manager said in an interview that the political press has a “personal bias” against the Senator and that its members find his supporters “annoying,” in what is the latest volley from the Democratic-Socialist’s campaign directed at the fourth estate. 

“I wish I could check at the outset of every reporter’s ‘story’ about Bernie Sanders, I would love to ask them: ‘What do you personally think of Bernie Sanders?’” campaign manager Faiz Shakir said in an interview with The Daily Beast. “For whatever reason, he gets under their skin. He draws an emotional chord in a different way that ends up impacting and affecting the bias I think or at least the way in which stories are crafted and written about him in particular is different.”

Shakir’s remarks don’t appear derived from any direct conversations; merely a hunch about the ideological leanings of the political press corps. But they illustrate the level of distrust with which Bernie’s team has increasingly come to view those covering their campaign. 

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