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Teachers Unions Say CDC Reopening Guidelines Are Fine, if You’ve Got Cash

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After weeks of what President Joe Biden might dub “mistakes in the communication” on where the White House stands on one of the most critical provisions in the government’s guidelines for reopening public schools, the administration is finally in sync with scientific experts on vaccinations for teachers.

But while most teachers’ unions and rank-and-file educators support the guidelines, some teachers say that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s recommendations on vaccinations don’t always account for conditions on the ground—and that agreement on the theory doesn’t mean much if there’s no money to put that theory into practice.

“If you want to do the CDC recommendations around physical distancing, you probably need to hire more educators, and you probably need to pay for doubling the amount of school buses, you might need to double the number of bus drivers,” said Andrew Crook, national press secretary for the American Federation of Teachers, the nation’s second-largest labor union for teachers. “And that costs money.”

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