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Supreme Court May Let Trump Count Out ‘Illegal Aliens’—for Now

Jonathan Ernst/Reuters

The U.S. census was back at the Supreme Court Monday, as so-called “conservatives” sought to radically change 200 years of policy and exclude undocumented people from the official census count that is used to apportion representation in Congress.

The results would be dramatic: states with many “illegal aliens,” including California, Florida, Texas, and New York, would lose representation. States with fewer undocumented immigrants, which just so happen to be older and whiter, would gain. Indeed, we learned in a shocking 2019 memo by deceased Republican operative Thomas Hofeller that the whole idea of this change was to benefit “non-Hispanic whites.”

Based on Monday’s oral arguments in the case, Trump v. New York, it seems almost certain that the Court’s 6-3 conservative majority will hand Donald Trump a temporary victory–cue the Twitter exclamation points–but, in the end, another loss. Or, as Trump would put it, Great! then Sad!

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