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Supreme Court Makes Clear the Unthinkable Is Here on Abortion

Leigh Vogel

After a half century of abortion rights protected by the landmark 1973 case Roe v. Wade, the Supreme Court on Wednesday offered the clearest signs yet that the era of reproductive freedom is drawing to a grim close.

The Court spent the morning hearing oral arguments involving a Mississippi law that makes it effectively impossible to obtain an abortion past 15 weeks of pregnancy. The state law clearly runs afoul of Roe and decades of settled legal precedent—and that’s exactly why Republicans wrote it. Mississippi’s cynical legal effort is the latest salvo in a decades-long Republican effort to build a test case capable of overturning abortion rights.

The Supreme Court’s new conservative majority is close to handing Republicans one of their most consequential victories in a generation, but you wouldn’t know that from listening to lawmakers. For a party constantly making noise on every possible media platform, GOP elected officials are strangely unwilling to take credit for their war on women. They have good reason to clam up: 80% of Americans across the political spectrum support abortion rights. By gutting Roe, the GOP is declaring war on a staggeringly broad and deep coalition.

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