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Strongman Gov. Andrew Cuomo Gives Up and Whines Again About Trump and the Feds

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For those who’ve watched him closely, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo exists largely in two modes. There is the dominant governor who takes credit for everything, declares “I am the government,” and is in full control of its transit network, public schools, housing laws, and the flawed response to the pandemic.

But there is another Cuomo—the disingenuous bystander. The same governor can proclaim, on another day, he doesn’t really control the city’s subways and can’t do anything about who gets to arrive in New York from overseas. Over the weekend, as news emerged that a new strain of coronavirus was circulating in England, Cuomo defaulted to the role of sideline pundit, railing against President Donald Trump’s outgoing federal government for failing to protect New York while insisting there was nothing he could do about this as arguably the nation’s most powerful governor.

Don’t believe him.

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