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Should We Replace the Trump Administration With Chimpanzees?

Illustration by The Daily Beast/Photo by Peter Serling

No, seriously. After turning the Rose Garden into a superspreader party, after lying 143 ways to Sunday about the virus and 17 more about the president’s health, maybe it’s time to let some other mammals have a shot.

“I could release 50 chimpanzees in the White House and they would behave with more care,” says Rick Wilson on the latest episode of The New Abnormal.

Molly Jong-Fast replies, “My favorite moment was when they”—the White House staff, not the monkeys—”said, ‘you know, he’s totally fine, but we’ve given him this experimental drug that has only a compassionate-use approval… Being lied to about the president’s health is a time-honored tradition. But this group has really done it with a kind of zeal and flare and incompetence that we have never seen before.”

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