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Should Never Trumpers Just Become Democrats? Absolutely Not.

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The time to hesitate is through. With Donald Trump out of the White House, an argument is brewing on the Never Trump right over how to proceed. Should we push for a new center-right party, maintain our principled independence as intellectually honest opinion leaders above the fray? Or should we throw in with the Biden wing of the Democratic Party?

This is a big decision and, possibly, a crossroads. One prominent voice teasing the Biden option is Bill Kristol, editor-at-large of the Bulwark website. He recently floated a short but provocative trial balloon in his column at the Bulwark: “Mightn’t [anti-Trump conservatives] consider allying oneself with the Biden wing of the Democratic Party?”

In a follow-up piece that was published at the Bulwark on Monday, Kristol expounded on his suggestion, responded to some of the pushback his suggestion had elicited, and noted that he “wrote the piece to stimulate debate,” and was happy to have accomplished that goal.

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