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Shaun King’s PAC and Philly DA Scratched Backs, Suit Claims

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Another year, another allegation of financial impropriety involving activist Shaun King—and this time, there’s a lawsuit.

Following his landslide defeat in the Democrat primary for Philadelphia District Attorney to incumbent Larry Krasner, Carlos Vega, a litigious former assistant DA whom Krasner had fired after taking office four years ago, is pressing ahead with a libel and slander suit aimed at his opponent’s campaign, King, and the Real Justice PAC that King co-founded with organizer Becky Bond. King and Krasner have worked closely together, along with the PAC.

The Daily Beast obtained the full 312-page lawsuit, filed on May 14, which accuses the respondents of falsely demeaning “Mr. Vega, a thirty-five year prosecutor that has dedicated his life to protecting the citizens of Philadelphia.” But perhaps more intriguing than a lawsuit over a political fight are the receipts Vega provides to back up his allegation about how “in a remarkably Machiavellian fashion, these Defendants have conspired, for their own greed and using Philadelphia’s citizens as a steppingstone for a desired national political presence, lied to the citizens of Philadelphia, and funneled significant funds donated by unwitting citizens of Philadelphia to line the pockets of defendant Shaun King, his Real Justice PAC, and the Krasner campaign.”

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