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Sean Hannity Really Wants to Make MAGA Rappers ‘Cool’

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Sean Hannity and other right-wing types are in a gleeful tizzy over a song from rapper Bryson Grey, which contains some anti-vax lyrics and the phrase “Let’s Go Brandon,” a tortured MAGA inside joke that basically means “Fuck Biden.” The tune is part of a growing oeuvre of pro-Trump songs that take aim at the right’s favorite pandemic-era bogeymen, including the Democratic president, vaccine mandates, and the country of Australia (because of its strict COVID-era lockdown policies).

Grey’s song also features homophobic lyrics and is just generally pretty ugly; that hasn’t stopped Hannity from plugging it, twice, on his Twitter feed.

“My timeline is just filled with these MAGA rappers,” Fever Dreams co-host Will Sommer discloses on this week’s episode of the podcast.

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