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Rudy Distances Trump From Sidney Powell as She Visits White House for Third Time


Trump personal attorney Rudy Giuliani attempted to put some distance between President Donald Trump and his legal team and former Trump campaign lawyer Sidney Powell, insisting on Monday night that Powell “does not speak for the president” and that she only “speaks for herself.”

Giuliani’s disavowal of Powell, however, comes as the conspiracy-peddling “Kraken” lawyer met with Trump at the White House for the third time in the past four days.

Over the past week, an increasingly desperate Trump has weighed several last-ditch efforts to try to overturn the election he decisively lost. Besides contemplating former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn’s idea of imposing martial law to “rerun” the election, he’s proposed making Powell—who was dropped from the Trump legal team last month—a special counsel for election fraud.

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