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Rudy and Bannon Are Going After Hunter Biden on China

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The president’s personal attorney has convinced more Democrats to open an impeachment inquiry into his client. But Rudy Giuliani is already hinting at a new front in his questionable offensive against former Vice President Joe Biden’s son. And it’s a charge that Trump allies outside the White House have been pursuing for months.

A group of conservative activists closely aligned with the president—including former White House adviser Steve Bannon, conservative author Peter Schweizer, and anti-Muslim activist Frank Gaffney—are trying to spread dirt on Hunter Biden’s work in China. Their efforts have come as almost all of the national political attention is currently focused on Giuliani’s and President Donald Trump’s efforts to pressure the Ukrainian government into investigating alleged corruption involving the former VP’s son who formerly sat on the board of an energy company in the country. 

Giuliani himself has barely concealed his desire to see a second line of attack opened on the younger Biden over his involvement in an investment fund called Rosemont Seneca, which Biden ran with Christopher Heinz, the stepson of former secretary of state John Kerry. In his protracted interview last week with CNN host Chris Cuomo, Trump’s attorney said the word “China” more than a dozen times to draw attention to the matter. Giuliani and Trump have also talked about China as a liability for Biden and his son in recent conversations, according to a source with knowledge of the discussions.

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