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Ron DeSantis Wants to Be the New Conductor of the GOP Crazy Train

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Republicans didn’t just lose the House, the Senate and the presidency—they lost what was left of their damn minds.

In the race to pass the most extreme and least constitutional new laws, Florida’s Baby Trump, Gov. Ron DeSantis, just might be conducting the crazy train.

Start with the law DeSantis signed on Monday that fines social media companies tens of thousands of dollars a day if they remove the account of a political candidate or officeholder and that’s intended to punish the ones that booted off Donald Trump—whose new “social media platform,” which is basically a blog, has been a ratings disaster. DeSantis declared: “We the people are standing up to tech totalitarianism with the signing of Florida’s Big Tech Bill.” But he, a person, isn’t really standing up to anything since the law is obviously unconstitutional. Hilariously, it includes a Disney carveout for companies that own a theme park or entertainment venue larger than 25 acres, so if Trump’s zealot Supreme Court justices somehow let this travesty stand, the “good” news is that you’ll be able to visit Facebook Funland sometime soon.

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