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Ron DeSantis Threatens to Screw His Own State to Spite the CDC

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The same Republicans ranting about President Biden’s supposed socialist takeover are just fine putting free enterprise in a straitjacket when it suits them.

Take Miami, the capital of the global cruise industry where ships are prepared to sail again in July by complying with Centers for Disease Control guidelines that 98 percent of crew members and 95 percent of passengers are vaccinated. Blocking the industry’s return is Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, who last month signed an executive order banning so-called vaccine passports, and this month signed legislation that makes it illegal for any business or industry to even ask whether any customer or passenger has been vaccinated.

The CEO of Norwegian Cruise Line is threatening to pull out of the Port of Miami and relocate elsewhere—including the Caribbean— if DeSantis doesn’t lift his ban. But DeSantis is effectively threatening to cut off the state’s nose to spite the federal face, saying that “If you don’t let them sail from Florida, they’re going to sail from the Bahamas” while suggesting that the only way that they ships will sail from Florida is if the CDC drops its guidelines. He also blamed the CDC for creating “deaths from despair, deaths from people who got involved with drugs and substance abuse or suicide” because their “livelihoods were shattered by what the CDC did,” saying that there were “larger implications than just cruise ships sailing or not” in letting health officials ensure cruise ship passengers are vaccinated.

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