Rick Scott says he hopes to know who wins Florida on election night

Florida Republican Sen. Rick Scott said he hopes the state is able to declare a winner of the presidential race on election night.

“I sure hope so,” Scott told CNN’s Jake Tapper on “State of the Union” on Sunday. “My goal is to get everybody out to vote, that has a right to vote. We don’t want any fraud. I’m clearly supporting President Donald Trump … but I think both sides are doing the same thing. You’ve got to get your vote out now.”

The state, which has 29 electoral votes, declared Trump the winner in 2016 on election night. Unlike some other states, Florida is able to process early votes and mail-in ballots in the weeks before Election Day, expediting the process in declaring a winner.

Tapper also cited a New York Times report that said Trump’s campaign is looking to “undermine the validity of uncounted mail-in ballots in the days after” if states like Ohio and Florida are declared wins for the president the night of the election.

Scott didn’t speak on the report specifically, but confirmed that he wants all valid ballots counted however they are cast.

“You can vote here by mail-in, you’ve got to get your vote in, you can’t wait until after Election Day. You can do early and you can do Election Day, but if you’re going to do it by mail, you’ve got to get your vote in early. And you can check in Florida, you can check to see — make sure it got in, make sure they accepted your signature. … I want people to vote. I hope we find out election night. I hope it’s not a fight.”


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