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Republicans, Liz Cheney Is Our Best Hope

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I can’t believe I’m saying this, but if her performance in that GOP conference spat this week is any indication, Liz Cheney could be the future of the Republican Party.

Stick with me here. At 53, Cheney is in her political prime. She also has a coveted perch as House GOP conference chair. She used to work at the State Department. And as a former regular on Fox News’s Special Report “All Stars” panel, she has ample experience doing battle on television. It would be premature to get too excited about her (we’ve had our political hearts crushed multiple times by rising-star conservatives). But if the primary goal is to revive the Republican Party in the post-Trump era, who would be better?

By my count, the short list of potential heroes include Mitt Romney, 73, and Justin Amash, 40. The problem with Amash is that he’s no longer a Republican (and will soon no longer be a congressman).

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