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Republicans Aren’t Sure Saving Trump With a Stimulus Package Is Worth It

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Each day more and more is riding on Congress’s latest bill to respond to the coronavirus crisis—the struggling public health system, a cratering economy and, increasingly, President Donald Trump’s sinking chances at a second term.

As lawmakers on Capitol Hill and the White House began initial talks this week about a big-ticket successor to the $2 trillion CARES Act passed in March, presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden has opened up what looks like a comfortable lead over Trump, ahead in almost every poll as the president’s own job approval ratings decline. 

The emerging legislation is likely to be the last major coronavirus-focused bill to clear Congress before Election Day. If it does even some of what the CARES Act did—direct stimulus checks with Trump’s name on them, extended unemployment insurance, more money for testing and treatment—it could give the president, and his re-election campaign, a much-needed shot in the arm. 

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