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Progressives Ready to Push Biden Leftward 'Immediately'

Drew Angerer

Progressives are just keeping their tongue-biting promise to help Joe Biden deliver, presenting the former vice president to their supporters, once and for all, as the last chance of demolishing Donald Trump’s stronghold on Washington.

But that courtesy is not likely to extend much longer if Trump loses re-election next week, according to interviews with elected officials and prominent figures in the movement. If Democrats win the White House and lock both chambers of Congress, those who backed Biden’s bid with an asterisk are preparing to push him with speed and purpose on a number of important issues, leaving little room for the pleasantries of party unity that prevailed throughout the general election.

“The word on the street is it’s definitely going to start immediately,” a former senior adviser to Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) said in an interview on Tuesday. “Most people are putting on the good face to vote Trump out. But make no mistake, the current power structure on the Democratic side should take no comfort that the main reason why Biden may be elected president of the United States of America is mostly anti-Trump.”

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