Polls: Biden leading Trump in Wisconsin, running neck and neck in North Carolina

Joe Biden is leading President Donald Trump by double digits in Wisconsin, and the candidates are virtually tied in North Carolina, according to CNN/SRSS polls released on Tuesday.

The polls, which counted likely and registered voters in both states as separate pools, echo a number of recent polls that have shown Biden leading or too close to call in a number of critical states. Wisconsin played a vital role in Trump’s 2016 electoral victory, and North Carolina is likely to be a key state in Democrats’ efforts to take back the Senate.

Among likely voters in North Carolina, 49 percent surveyed said they preferred Biden’s ticket, while 46 percent opted for Trump’s. That gap increased with registered voters in the state, with 44 percent supporting Trump’s ticket and 49 percent for Biden’s — barely outside the margin of sampling error of plus or minus 4.1 percentage points. Among likely voters, the gap was within the 4.4-point margin.

In Wisconsin, however, Biden’s lead was clear. Among both registered and likely voters in the state, 52 percent of respondents said they supported Biden’s ticket. Meanwhile, 41 percent of registered voters and 42 percent of likely voters supported Trump’s. Both gaps are comfortably outside the 4-point margin of sampling error for registered voters and 4.2-point margin for likely voters.

The polls were conducted Sept. 9-13 over landlines and cellphones — after the publication of explosive excerpts from the journalist Bob Woodward’s recorded interviews with Trump.

Among total respondents in North Carolina, 51 percent said they disapproved of Trump’s performance as president, while only 43 percent approved. The gap was even wider in Wisconsin, with 55 percent of all respondents disapproving of Trump’s performance and only 40 percent approving.


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