Police chief says officer who shot Daunte Wright intended to use taser

Brooklyn Center, Minn., police chief Tim Gannon said Monday he believed the fatal police shooting of Daunte Wright, a 20-year-old Black man, during a traffic stop in the Minneapolis suburb was an accident that resulted from the officer discharging her firearm when she meant to deploy her taser.

The explanation from the police chief came during a news briefing on Monday by city leaders and law enforcement officials, after Gannon played the officer’s body camera footage of her deadly encounter with Wright. Wright’s death Sunday has provoked violent protests in Brooklyn Center and exacerbated community tensions amid the ongoing trial of former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin for the killing of George Floyd last summer.

“As I watch the video and listen to the officer’s commands, it is my belief that the officer had the intention to deploy their taser, but instead shot Mr. Wright with a single bullet,” Gannon said.

“This appears to me, from what I viewed and the officer’s reaction in distress immediately after, that this was an accidental discharge that resulted in a tragic death of Mr. Wright,” he added.

White House press secretary Jen Psaki said Monday that President Joe Biden would deliver remarks on the shooting later Monday.


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