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Overstock Founder Will Sell You Election Fraud For $5 Per Month

Steven Ferdman/Getty founder Patrick Byrne became a political star in the aftermath of Donald Trump’s election defeat, joining a cast of MAGA allies who gained new prominence on the right by insisting that the election had been stolen. The idiosyncratic tech figure even made it to Trump’s inner circle in the last days of the administration, scarfing down snacks in a bizarre White House meeting where he told Trump that the president’s top staffers had abandoned him.

With Trump out of office, Byrne has appeared at rallies alongside similar Trump boosters like MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell and pro-Trump lawyers Sidney Powell and Lin Wood, promising that bombshell revelations about election fraud are just around the corner.

After a few months running down leads for the MAGA cause, though, Byrne says it’s time for fans to pay for his wisdom. As he insists that the country will soon be rocked by “hand grenades” and “Mother of All Bombs”-level revelations about voter fraud, Byrne has started putting some of his updates on his fight to prove election malfeasance behind a paywall, charging his supporters $5 a month to see the “truth” about the election.

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